Learner, Teacher, Learner, Teacher…

Taking time to reflect on the 3 day digital citizenship PYP workshops, I was thinking about myself as both learner and teacher. When I was in the workshop I was both. Learning how to do new things with digital technologies, teaching others the same. This is a very happy place for me.

I consider myself a learner. And a teacher.

I wonder how many teachers out there consider themselves the same? I know how busy we all are but I am often surprised at how other teachers learn. There can be an element of reluctance that feels like an ‘I already know of all this’ or ‘Do I really need to know this?’mentality. Scary!

Gone are the ‘keeper of knowledge’ days of teaching and learning. There is so much depth in teaching and learning nowadays, with our students having so much to offer.

I know that conditions under which I best learn:

1) Build a trusting relationship with the teacher and those around me

2) Having TIME to process and practice what I learn

3) Making connections to my own experiences

4) Being able to make mistakes and learn from them

5) Receiving feedback on my progress

6) Applying my learning to other situations

I hope I enable these conditions for the students I teach, too.

How do you best learn? What do you learn from your students?


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